Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 79, Squatting jumpropes?

Yesterday was Thursday which means that yesterday was new exercise plan day. Here it is for all of you to ogle at:

Day 1

Jumprope : 1 set x 15 mins

Chest Dips : 10 sets x 15 reps

Push-Ups : 4 sets x failure

Rear Chest Flys : 5 sets x 30

Biceps Curls : 4 sets x failure

One arm curl : 3 sets x failure

Shoulder Press : 4 sets x failure

V-sits : 5 sets x failure

Day 2

Squatting jumprope : 5 sets x 30-40 jumps

Pull-ups : 10 sets x 10 reps.  Last 3 to failure

Rowing : 6 sets x 30 (last two to failure)

Triceps Dip : 5 sets x failure

Triceps Extension : 3 sets x failure

Forward Shoulder Raise : 5 sets x failure

Standing Shoulder Fly : 5 sets x failure

Side crunches : 4 sets x failure

Day 3

Jumprope : 1 set x 15 mins.

So yippee skippe I’ll be ringing in the new month, the last month (or half month) of the project, with this kind of kooky craziness.

There is basically nothing radically changed from two weeks ago and it should be something that I’m used to, or about to be getting used to soon, so I’m not dreading going through all of it so much. The whole jumproping for fifteen minutes straight deal is definitely not going to be my cup of tea but I’ll get through that with wheezing and cursing, I’m sure.

Take a look at “Day 2”, though...go ahead, I’ll wait. Squatting jumpropes? Yeah, that is typed correctly and, really, it is just as it sounds. Basically, from a squatting position, the jumprope cinched up higher on your hands or wrapped around your hands a couple of times to shorten it up, you go about your normal jumproping movement. Only from a squatting position. Yeah. Pure craziness, I’ll tell you. If the days work out right then I’ll be enjoying those bad boys on Saturday. I’ll be sure and tell you all about them if I’ve fully recovered from what I’m sure will be a butt-kicking workout.

Whose butt? My butt.

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