Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 80, Calling it quits

On fast food, that is. Not that I ever really ate any of the stuff, especially recently. It’s been, oh, maybe six or seven months since I had my last bit of fast food (Del Taco, if I remember correctly) and even then it was only french fries since fast food joints don’t really cater to the whole vegan crowd (Baker’s is making an okay vegetarian try at it but who cares, really). But I think that I’ve gotten to the point now that whatever temptation that food and those places had for me is now entirely gone, replaced with a stronger craving for vegetables and fruit, especially fruit.

Why the change of heart? Trans-fats, the nasty buggers.

Trans-fats are unsaturated oils that have hydrogen infused into them. They’re used in a lot of fast food frying techniques (see where this is going?) and any food which seems like it shouldn’t be solid at room temperature. Already it’s sounding grosser than most anything I’d put into my mouth. You should consider that it’s responsible for screwing with your cholesterol levels and wreaking havoc on your heart. Is it any wonder that it is the cause for so many food related deaths?

Really, when you’re putting something so fabricated and unnatural into you--and for so many people, especially in America, they’re ingesting the stuff many times a week when it should be maybe once a month or, preferably, never--it should be no surprise when your heart starts struggling to pump blood through your stiffened, cholesterol clogged arteries.

It’s silly to me that so many still persist in becoming well known, preferred customer customers at their local fast food restaurants and are oblivious to what it that behavior is doing to their bodies. I see and read so frequently about the obesity epidemic (and really there should be a stronger word in place of epidemic there) and marvel at how nothing changes in people’s eating habits. I’m aware that to some extent we’re creatures of habit, especially nowadays, and quick meals are convenient but it shouldn’t take a coronary to snap people to attention.

Of course, this is just one man’s amazement against the entire fast food industry. I’m sitting pretty on my resolution to stay away from my local McDonalds and Burger King and Taco Bell and, yes, even Del Taco because it just isn’t worth it. Honestly, I’m not sure why I ever thought it was.


Patrick said...

I didn't even know there still were Del Tacos. Where I'm from they were all replaced by Taco Bells years ago.

Sean said...

Oh yeah, no, they're everywhere. Certainly not taking over at the rate that Taco Bell is but it's not far behind.

Temptations abound.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have both del taco and taco bell.