Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 83, The well's run dry

I’ve been almost dreading this day since before the project ever began--today I’ve realized that I don’t have much of anything to talk about. There’s nothing that I have to talk about and nothing that I really want to talk about (well, I’m sure there are things that I would want to talk about, if I knew what those things were then of course I would talk about them). It’s like the spigot’s been opened up for the last three months and now all the water’s been let out; what once was a torrent is now a trickle. The ideas are drip dropping out, gone is the waterfall of ideas.

Actually, there still is the indulgence day to consider--and I had better get a move on with that or miss my opportunity completely--and of course there’s the matter of the small assignment that Patrick gave us three recently, what that is you’ll have to wait and see because I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you all (that is unless Corry or David mention it first).

Well, I suppose I could go over an interesting little tidbit that Patrick divulged to us in yesterday’s e-mail. It was one more way for us to better continue our awesome progress into truly better health and a wicked new lifestyle that I’m sure will stick with us as long as we put ourselves to it.

As far as our diets go, the ratio of food has been pretty simply divided now and easy to follow. I’m sure it’s been pretty obvious as to how it’s been divided, as you could tell with my regular diet plan updates, but Patrick presented us with some pretty clear percentages that put things into a much clearer light for me, at least.

Instead of standing at the kitchen counter at every meal, weighing out the correct amount of food (which gets tiresome, let me tell you), there is actually a much easier and more efficient way to dish out our meals, by eye rather than by exact measurements. That ratio being:

50% vegetables
30% protein
20% carbohydrates
With fruit in between meals as snacks.

Simple and straightforward, just as it should be when it comes to something like this. It’s something that is easy to follow and can definitely ensure that I’m getting everything I need, without going overboard on the stuff that I don’t necessarily need, and all the while keeping me on track to a healthy, strong person.

I don’t know why I never saw something as simple as that before but I’m glad it clear to me now.

7 days, one week left...


Nate said...

That's a really cool fact Sean. Easy ratio to remember.

I was always wondering what do you use to weigh them out anyway? And are they classified just in groups? What I mean is fruit has carbs, Do you have to counts those grams of carbs or is it only in the "Fruit" Category?

Sean said...

Patrick always had us weigh things out in very generic terms such as:

Fruit is fruit, vegetables are vegetables, bread and pasta, etc. are carbs, and so on.

So we weren't supposed to be too worried about the other things that make up the food we eat, just that we eat a specific amount of whatever it is. I think things would be too complicated and unnecessary if we had to worry about carbohydrate percentages and all of that kind of stuff.

Nutrition facts label be damned, essentially.

Nate said...

Down with the "man" of nutrition!

I like it